Rita's Subscription Box

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Imagine shopping and doing good at the same time.  

Founded in 2018, Set Apart empowers and inspires. Our two fold mission is reflected in our subscription gift boxes, Rita's Favorite Things.

The idea to curate subscription gift boxes came from the isolation of the Covid pandemic. We were disconnected from family and friends overnight and were scrambling to find ways to connect and to share our love with more than flowers and chocolates. Many people didn't have the mental bandwith, or time to find that perfect gift for their family and friends.  Small businesses were closing, while the big box stores were thriving. 

Rita's Favorite Things differs from other boxes in that we showcase creatives and other small businesses. Our box subscription includes monthly online discussions on relevant topics such as mental health and confidence. I am building bridges between women regardless of age, race or religion. A percentage of sales goes to ending human trafficking and aiding Ghanian villages and schools.

You will find a gift bag within the box. Why? Because my box is meant to be shared.  I am here to serve; many women don't have the time to shop for gifts. Please feel free to give away one or all of the items. You may also gift an entire box, similar to the fruit of the month club.  

Clutter and waste were the main concerns I heard over and over as I was researching.  Since you will either use or gift the items, there will be no clutter or waste.  Rita's Favorite Things will become your favorite thing too!

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