Releasing What's Inside

Many of us get hung up on things that we believe we need in order to achieve the success and goals we desire for our lives. We seek things outside of ourselves to fulfill our inner self. It's quite counterproductive when you think about it. So much time is wasted, searching and researching, googling, even networking when we don't know what or why we are searching in the first place.  

Like Dorothy in Oz, we always come back to ourselves. Everything we need is within us; we have to release it. Last week during our conversation with LeeAnn Sims, Confidence Coach, we learned that procrastination is a product of fear. It's easy to disguise procrastination. It's like the people who are perpetual students.  They graduate and then make up a reason to get another degree. Meanwhile, they don't need another degree, they won't use that degree but the active pursuit (search) delays them from entering the work force or going for the promotion at the their job. They have found an acceptable disguise.  

Somewhere along the way, we have been taught not to trust ourselves. This lack of confidence dampens our spirit and often derails us from our purpose. Not everyone suffers from this but we have all experienced a moment or moments when we did not trust our gut and made a wrong decision as a result.  

In order to make better decisions, we have to trust that God has given us everything we need to achieve the best life has to offer. You may not trust yourself but you can trust Him. I recently learned that oak trees are the only trees that produce acorns. Therefore, an acorn is never going to grow into an apple tree and apple seed will never become an oak. Their seeds release what's within and become what God has designed.  

You may be saying, I'm not a seed and there are all sorts of negative things inside of me. Well, God tells us what He has placed inside of us and that is what we are to stand on. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 Power, love and a sound mind. I think that is enough for you to achieve whatever you desire. Release these three attributes and you will gain the confidence you seek. You are on your way to fulling purpose!