My Favorite Thing

There are two months left until 2021.  2020 turned out to be a good year. Yes, there were many rocky patches and moments of isolation but at the end of the day, having my faith, family and fun carried me through.

I wanted to find a way to spread some joy and good surprises!  I don't live in a typical neighborhood; I'm on a mini highway as we call it.  I wanted to find a way to ignite some joy, so I would drop off little notes with candy or activities for the children who lived on my street.  Next thing I knew, I was receiving mini packages!  Giving is good.  It opens up the possibilities of hope and connection.  

Being a business owner, Covid has hit hard.  Fortunately, I had closed my brick and mortar way before the pandemic and am online.  However, I miss the interaction with my customers and as a result, my business suffered.  I have finally found my business joy and am sharing with you.  Here's to a PHENOMENAL rest of 2020! Turn off the news, RELAX and spend time doing what you LOVE

In Friendship,



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