CONFIDENCE-What is it and Do I need it?  

Sounds like such a silly question but we seem to only address issues once they are presented to us as problems.  Confident people do not fear admitting when they are wrong.  They do not fear making mistakes.  Confident people don't exclude but look for avenues to include others when possible.  

One thing I have learned throughout my life is that I love to connect people...and I'm good at it.  It goes beyond people to people connection.  I connect people to opportunities.  Opportunities to grow (hence our event on Monday), opportunities to grow their business which is why I opened my first boutique.  I have carried this spirit of inclusion with my subscription boxes.  I love giving artists and creatives avenues to showcase their talents.  

We all need a shot of confidence.  I needed a few shots when I decided to launch my subscription box service, I needed a ton more when I created my Facebook Group and I will need more on Monday!  Building one's confidence is on going and often coincides with each challenge we face.  

I can't wait to connect.  Drop in on Monday and introduce yourself.  Together, we can achieve much!