Set Apart Mindset

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I received great feedback from my last blog and download: 1 MONTH LEFT.  

I am continuing the dive into realizing our dreams BEFORE 2021.  It's time to examine how you view the world.

What is a Set Apart Mindset?

I have been accused of living in a fantasy world, la la land only to find out that I am what people characterize as optimistic. I read situations differently than most. There's no need to focus on the negative when you can be building a plan and strategy to create joy. This is where the nay sayers and pessimists give up.  Someone who has a Set Apart mindset, has already separated themselves from the negativity and is working out how to make their dreams come to pass. Optimism lives in confident people.

I had taken a class at a local church about Proverbs 31, the Virtuous Woman. She is beyond perfect, lol and I am not. So, I was focused on how to become her but that was not the point. The #1 take away from that class and I appreciate that the Pastor emphasized this-the Virtuous woman was God-fearing, put her marriage and family first and was creative and hard working. She was like me, she was like you.  She didn't possess some super power that was only given to her. 

She fed her family.  It didn't say she cooked daily.  In fact, based on her description, she had access to resources which probably included help. So, ladies STOP beating yourself up. Do what you can and do it to the the best of your ability and sprinkle some Joy on top while you're at it!

Helping others and giving brings me joy.  I wanted to know what I could do to bring others joy while contributing to my family's finances?  The answer was Rita's Favorite Things.  What brings you joy?  Whatever it is, it is tied to your purpose and dream.  

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